The Rixos Difference in Chester

“We have a product called rixos. We plan to continue this. We’il put it on Rixos, but we’re never retreating. Rixos, like our child, grow up with him. I cannot describe it by explaining its labor, the stories I live on it are very precious to me. No one was inspired by his product. We have designed such a product based on the design that we call 100 years chesterfield. When designing, we brought the question of what people want. chester had a glut of 3-4 years in Turkey, but made no comfort in any of the chesterman. All hard seats, uncomfortable seats. We tried to get out of it. We have a very serious young population and young people like to be very comfortable. If we can live in the product that we take comfortably to our home, the right work is done. It was very difficult to use these arguments in such a product. We have succeeded in this and we are justifiably proud. We received very serious reactions from the market, we are very pleased. Our dealers are more or less able to predict what will happen in this. They should trust us.

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