CNR Istanbul Furniture Fair

Brawwa, which started its production life in 2014 in Bursa / İnegöl, with its expert R & D department, young and dynamic staff, customer satisfaction principle and başlayan Quality is the most important power of a brand. production with its philosophy.

“Our goal is to produce quality products that guide the sector with our designs and to maximize customer satisfaction. Saying Brawwa Sofa, Corner sets, seating groups and bergers by producing; dynamic, expert staff and high-quality quality, with the idea of ​​bringing together with extraordinary comfort every day is a brand that increases its value. Brawwa does not compromise on its quality; It brings a new breath to the sector by offering different concepts for everyone.

These fairs that breath breathing Braww to join, Turkey’s largest furniture brands under the same roof Furniture Istanbul Furniture Fair has also been able to collect on the new creations are showcased removing if. Brawwa’s young dynamic, and most importantly, with his job-respecting owner Mr. Nurullah Şendil, leaves us with the special interview we made to the fair and as of this day, we congratulate Brawwa for the success of our seat brand Brawwa…

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