Quality is the Most Important Power of a Brand

“We realized our expectations at the beginning of 2016. Both domestic and international sales met with the right customers. We have seen very good demands from the stores we sent our products. Seamless products and trouble-free service that we aim at this year we have come out with the flux of our forehead. We started to enter the target markets in our international sales.

We’re in 2017, thank goodness. We have met the right customers because we produce the right product, we have collected the fruits of our work. In order to keep up with the developing furniture sector, we opened our new store in Mobilipark Shopping Mall, which was completed in İnegöl. In 2016, we accelerated the coup attempt in our country rather than reducing our production as our domestic and international competitors wanted. We have stood firmly, we have worked hard to provide added value to our country and we will continue to work.”

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